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Welcome to the Renegade Elite Clan forums

Renegade Elite is a friendly PlayStation 4 clan currently recruiting and playing Destiny, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghost, FIFA 15 and Warframe

So why should you join Renegade Elite?
Renegade Elite was created to provide gamers with a friendly active clan to enjoy their gaming with. We are not a try hard clan with stupid requirements such as Kill Death Ratio and forcing members to take part in practices and other events they don't wish to do so. At the same time we are not a noob clan.

We are a clan that simply focus on gaming, we work as a team online to beat the competition. We provide our members the opportunity to take part in events such as competitions or clan tournaments if they wish to do so but most of all we just have fun!

All gamers who are interested in joining REEL should register an account and visit our Application Center to submit their applications !

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